Promotion of Digital Transcription Schools Online

Can we trust a blog or forum which promotes one digital transcription school? What is an associate? Do people really operate a blog to make money promoting schools? How does a work-from-home mom blog website make money promoting digital transcription? Answer: They make a percentage of the sales price from each product or service they refer.

This is called Affiliate Marketing. There are scads of affiliate plans so we won’t go into detail as it would bore you if you could even follow all of the examples. Suffice to say, YES bloggers and websites make money promoting businesses. Sometimes they look like a yellow pages phone directory. Sometimes the forum or blog posters are paid employees or referral marketers who hide as anonymous posters.

Whatever the method be assured of one thing – forums and blogs are there to make money; usually from the visitors! No one does this for free including this site.

Our purpose is to provide the best unbiased information for potential students in digital transcription. After a number of years, we will move up in Google search. At that time our site becomes valuable to others. It is kind of like owning a valuable piece of internet real estate.

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