Tall Office Chairs – Comfort For The Above Average Height

Not all bodies are created equal; therefore, not all chairs should be, either. That is why big and tall office chairs were introduced. Many of these types of chairs can accommodate those weighing four hundred pounds or more. Some can even handle up to five hundred pounds. What this means is that these chairs are built to be extra durable. Standard chairs are much more susceptible to wear and tear than this heavy duty big and tall office chairs.

Big and tall office chairs have greater dimensions and better seat sizes than the average office chair. They are much deeper and wider, as well. If you need one of these chairs either for work or home, it is worthwhile to compare prices and brands, as well as the chair specifications before you buy. Truthfully, it is better for your body to invest in a chair that you are able to sit in comfortably.

The best big and tall office chairs will have an abundance of features, such as adjustability. Great high back office chairs will possess many different features, such as armrests and tilt ability in order to preserve your level of comfort. According to recent studies, the normal worker will spend seventy to eighty percent of his or her day sitting. According to chiropractors, this is not good for you, as prolonged sitting will apply unneeded pressure to your spinal cord. Your chances for developing pain will increase if your chair does not have an adjustability feature.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you weigh more than the average person, you are more likely to compress the padding of the seat. Think about what this does to your derriere after sitting on what probably feels like concrete for the majority of the day. Having a big and tall chair will give you more cushioning where you need it. Always research and double check the specifications of the chair that you are seeking to buy. The following outlines some of the many benefits of big and tall office chairs.

First of all, they are made with mesh which is a great added comfort. This helps keep your body heat at an even level, rather than sweating in a non-breathable material. Your body heat can be reduced by as much as seventy percent by allowing more airflow to the cushion.

These types of chairs also have the wonderful lumbar support that is adjustable with to your weight and height.

Big and tall office chairs are also known as heavy duty chairs. They will normally have rollers or casters for easier maneuverability. The rollers will be wide to provide easy moving. This is a great feature, as it works on virtually any floor type, especially floors that have thicker carpeting. Because the rollers are wide, it will keep you from sinking, allowing for better mobility. Since these are built this way, there is no need for a plastic carpet mat.

For more ease and comfort, try a big and tall office chair.

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